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Learn these three easy steps to avoid common mistakes in tech B2B marketing that could be costing you thousands every day.

Most engineers who are CEO's struggle with their marketing.

I get it, it's hard to sell a more complex and technical product. That's why I reveal three of my top secrets in this ebook. Don't wait, your customers need you! Download the ebook now to be in the know.

"Terumi excels at defining the value and presenting the value through storytelling. She is highly regarded and I have observed her earn the respect of senior executives at Fortune 100 companies, who were key strategic customers of ours."
-Mary LaSelva, VP Aras Corporation

Engineering, writing, and marketing expertise all-in-one

  • Don’t waste time explaining your product to a writer
  • Don’t work with a writer that’s not a marketer
  • Don’t lose sales because your customer is confused
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