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You know your social media posts could be better

When we sit down to write a social media post, it’s hard to figure out what to say.

You have questions swirling in your head…

What should I write about?

What’s my voice? Do I even have a voice?

What kind of words will help me sell?

You don’t want your writing to sound too sales/sleazy. “You know you want it! The cart is open for 5 more minutes!!! Buy now! Don’t miss out!”

You don’t want your writing to sound too stuffy/corporate. “The way to increase profit margins is through greater team collaboration and integrated technology.” (Ok, my head hurts just writing that.)

You don’t want your writing to sound too casual. “Waddup homie! Wanna sell me some product?” (haha, I totally made that up. Don’t judge me.)

The latter statements require more brain power than should be necessary. We want to write words that are clear and compelling.

How can you figure out the words that are just right for your audience?

Think of these three words – Feel. Know. Do.

A brilliant colleague, Alexandra Franzen (http://www.alexandrafranzen.com/), shared this tip during a business retreat and I wanted to share it with you.

These three words will change how you write marketing copy.

Picture the one perfect client or customer in your mind, then do the following:

FEEL: When your audience reads this message, how do you want them to feel? Write it down.

KNOW: After your audience reads this message, what is one thing you want them to take away? Write it down.

DO: Before your audience turns their attention elsewhere, what do you want them to do? Write it down.

After you’ve written these three things, you can start writing your message.

Time to start writing better social media posts!

If you’re still not sure what to write, take another look at your answers to the three questions above. Then take a look at how I incorporated my answers into my social media post below.

Here’s a recent LinkedIn post.

Photo of an example social media post from Terumi's LinkedIn profile.
(Click on the image to see the original post on LinkedIn)

Before I started writing, I pictured my ideal audience: engineers who are business owners.

Then I moved on to answer the questions around the three words.

FEEL: How do I want my audience to feel? I want my audience to feel excited when they read my post

KNOW: What do I want my audience to know? I want them to know that I’m starting a new blog.

DO: What do I want my audience to do? I want them to sign up for my new blog.

When I started writing, I used my three answers above as an outline and filled in the rest with more detail.

Marketing quick tip of the week: Use the three words (Feel. Know. Do.) to help you write a better social media post.

Always do these three things before you write, and I promise you your marketing will:

  • Better resonate with your target audience
  • Get more responses
  • Be better than everyone else’s ?

Try it and share your post with us in the comments!

P.S. If you missed my first blog post, read it here. I wrote about mission and purpose of this blog.

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